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Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble4 votes. 4.38 / 5
Game Controls: 
  • Player 1 use ESDF to move and Q to shoot.
  • Player 2 use Arrow keys to move and M to shoot.
  • Player 3 drags the mouse to move and use left mouse to shoot.

Tank Trouble is a tank shooter game with simple looking graphics. What’s special about this game is that the maps that you compete in are like mazes and when the bullets shot from tanks hit the maze’s walls, it’ll bounce off the walls continuously until it hits a tank.

Remember that after the opponent’s tank is defeated, you’ll still have to dodge the bullets until the match ends. If you just defeated the opponent’s tank but right after that got hit by a bullet before the match ends then it would count as a tie. The game supports online play so you can compete against other players all around the world.

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