Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros3 votes. 3.5 / 5
Game Controls: 
  • Move: arrow key or WASD
  • Fire/Sprint: Shift or Ctrl
  • Pause/Mute: P/M

In the Mushroom Kingdom there are multiple coins scattered throughout the levels and hidden in question-mark blocks that you’ll have to jump up and hit using your fist and sometimes you’ll get either a Mushroom, a Fire Flower or even an Invincibility Star. Especially there are invisible blocks that when hit will give you either coins or sometimes even a 1-up Mushroom.

When Mario becomes bigger, he’ll be able to break brick blocks and be able to take a hit (afterwards you’ll turn small). When Mario gets a Fire Flower, he’ll able to shoot fireballs that can defeat enemies. Some levels have secret paths that lead you to secret warp zones that lets you skip entire worlds.

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