Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels23 votes. 4.2 / 5
Game Controls: 
  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Use space key to primary action (after ejecting: Grab).
  • Use Shift/Ctrl to perform secondary actions.
  • Use Z to eject.

The game will require players to maneuver their character carefully, control their speed, adjust their posture for different situations when facing off against the varying challenges because there are some obstacles that when your character gets hit by may break their limbs but still allowing them to move while with other obstacles you only have to touch and it will immediately be a game over.

The unique thing about Happy Wheels is that you are allowed to make your own map with obstacles, challenges, terrains... however you want it to be for you to challenge yourself with it.

When you play the full version, you’ll be able to do things like commenting and rating in stars for the maps that you like or don’t like, watch replays of other players and even upload the maps that you made for others to play.

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